Top 7 questions you might be asking:

  1. What is Elbotik's return policy?
    Please checkout the info provided in the Return & Refund Policy page.

  2. What is Elbotik's shipping policy?
    Please checkout the info provided in the Shipping Info page.

  3. Where does Elbotik ship?
    Elbotik ships worldwide.

  4. What payment methods does Elbotik accept?
    We accept Online Payment through credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, others) and we do Cash On Delivery (COD).
    Please note that Cash on Delivery is only available in UAE.

  5. How can I find more information about a product?
    If you need more info about a certain product on our website, please email us at info@elbotik.com, or fill our contact form, and let us know which product you need more info about and what exactly you want to know.

  6. Can my order be modified after it has been placed?
    If you have any changes to your order after you placed it, please let us know right away by sending us an email to orders@elbotik.com, provide us with the order number and the changes you wanna make. Please note that we cannot guarantee that such changes can be made, but we’re always happy to try our best to do so.

  7. How can I order an item, size, or color that's out of stock? 
    Send us an email at info@elbotik.com, or fill our Item Request form, notifying us about the out-of-stock item that you want, and we'll let you know if it possible to get it for you as soon as possible, and how much time it requires to get it. Please note that some items might take some time before it's back in stock, so it's better to let us know once you need an item that's out of stock.