About Us


Who we are

We're a boutique oriented online store & clothing label; we work and collaborate with artists+brands from around the world to get you the most awesome—we focus on the design of things and aim for bringing people unique products as well as specialized indie brands that really differentiate themselves from the mass market. That’s why we called ourselves Elbotik, which straight-forwardly means “the boutique” in Arabic…

Why “boutique”?

Because nowadays the boutique word is not anymore only used to describe a small-local store selling specialized dresses and fashion items, it’s an industry term that can be attached to different types of services, such as boutique mall, hotel, and even boutique consulting agency.

Boutique is a specialized firm in a big industry focusing on unique offerings, and this’s what we are at Elbotik, we’re the boutique of our industry, which is the online retail in the ME.

We believe that people will be bored of the same huge online malls that offer almost the same basic products or categories and competing on the lowest price. We’re here to search the world for the most awesome products and unique brands; whether it’s a small startup in Los Angeles, California producing local clothing, a local company in Dubai making artistic accessories, or a very unique brand in Korea we’ll get that for you and ship it to you in UAE and the Middle East.

It’s all about Passion…

At Elbotik, we love each product we’re offering, we offer our products and bring them to you because we love each one of them ourselves and believe that people will love them as well, we share what we think is awesome and designful to you, we really pay attention to the aesthetics and design of what we’re offering and feel so excited to find well-designed unique items and get them for you.

Each one of us have a unique identity and style; we strongly believe that your unique personality deserves what really represents it, and this’s what we sought after at Elbotik.

One Awesome package!

At Elbotik we physically carry the inventory of the goods we're selling in order to make sure all the various items that you order will be Delivered to you in a single shipment and as fast as possible. We don't want our customers receiving multiple shipments from different vendors, delivered to them on different dates...That is the reason why we try our best to keep all the awesome items we have in stock and ready for shipping upon your order.

More info about us

We’re based in UAE, our registered trade name is: Boutique Studio FZE, and we ship our awesome offerings worldwide.

We hope you’ll enjoy our website and our offerings, please let us know your opinion, we really care, and if you have any question or suggestion please contact us here.

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El Botik…Discovering the Most Awesome